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Snowboarding Premiere Party

Posted in Snowboarding, Tahoe with tags , , , , , on October 23, 2008 by janaycore

I went to my second snowboard movie premiere this fall, the day after the snowfall, so I’m now really itching to go snowboarding.  This time it was way bigger at Montbleu, featuring all Tahoe riders.  The movie was called “Knock on Wood.” I can’t comment on how the movie was, I got there after the showing.  I ended up the sober driver, as I often do, taxing around the drunkies.  I’m not complaining at all.  It’s fun to hear how people reconstruct the night the next day and then being like, no no no, it actually happened like this or saying, do you remember when you…  Anyway, the party was really fun, even sober, and I continue to love the culture here.

Freestyler rockin the mike at the party

Freestylers rockin the mike at the party


And I couldn’t forget about Dan.

Posted in Things that Amuse Me with tags , , , on September 10, 2008 by janaycore

Unfortunately Dan, I just found out that The Neville Brothers performed this past weekend in Tahoe.  Right down the street from my house!!  I know you missed it and it’s unfortunate, but in hopes of consoling you and for the viewing pleasure of everyone visiting my blog, I’ve included hot footage of the most famous of all the Neville Brothers…you got it, AARON NEVILLE.

And for an added bonus, the music video features Linda Ronstadt!  If the video isn’t working on your screen, click here.

I know what you’re thinking!!!  Click here to find out if I’m right.