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I’m overqualified to work at Jamba Juice

Posted in Uncategorized with tags on September 8, 2008 by janaycore

So no one is hiring here.  I don’t mind being unemployed so much because I stay out until whenever I want, wake up whenever I want and do whatever I want.  It’s the whole, “oh crap my savings are starting to run out” thing that bothers me a little.

I lied.  I did find one place that was hiring.  A little place called Jamba Juice.  As I was interviewing for their open interviews, which the manager said, “we ask everyone the same questions, just to be fair” the manager then said after about the 3rd question, “okay I’m going to stop with the questions because you’re going to give me all the right answers.”  He then told me I was unlike most people he interviewed for the job because most of them were “high.” Anyway, he told me straight up that I was way overqualified and hiring me would probably be a mistake because I would probably leave as soon as something better would come along.  Boy was he right on.  Anyway, he said he would give me a call on Tuesday and let me know if he wanted to hire me or not.  And then he offered me a free smoothie.  I got a Strawberry Whirl.  Boy was it delicious!

Free smoothies always taste better!

Free smoothies always taste better!