I love Japanese people

I am obsessed with watching Japenese game shows right now.  Seriously, who thought of this hilariousness?  I want to be their friend.

Other similarly awesome Japanese game shows:

Human Tetris (now an american show too)

This one is my favorite.  And you put your face in pie if you lose.

The outfits the compete in are priceless

This one is just bizarre.


6 Responses to “I love Japanese people”

  1. u sounds kinda Loser!.

    u “love” japanese people, have u ever been there?

  2. I spent a good time watching these videos on youtube, and I really had a good laugh. Have you watched the “No-laughing” game? It’s really funny, I made a post about it here: http://phonecardscollector.wordpress.com/2008/09/25/japanese-game-show-2/

  3. I didn’t say I love Japan. But seriously, what’s there not to love about these people?

  4. they can be really silly sometimes.

  5. janaycore Says:

    The silent library game is my new favorite.

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