San Fran Nights and Sights

So we started the night at Fishermans Wharf.  We got out of that tourist trap real fast.


We headed over to North Beach and Nob Hill, with me being the sober one and Rich and Emad being super drunk.  It was pretty mundane, nothing special, until I saw this…

You tax dollars hard at work!

What do you with a drunken sailor?  Earli in the morning…!  He was completely out for the night.  His sailor friends couldn’t even get him to walk.

I wanted to go see Full House.  You know the street with the house when they sing “everywhere you look…” but we were out of time.  So we saw the Golden Gate Bridge instead.

My car on the bridge!

My car on the bridge!

I can’t wait to go back and make Emad the designated driver.


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