Disco Party!!!

To welcome our new roomie, also named Jeanine, we threw a disco rager in our sweet house.  It was awesome.  Everyone dressed like disco maniacs.

I'm a dance dance dancing machine

I'm a dance dance dance dance dancing machine

Except for the random “bros” that showed up.  They dressed like thuggish ruggish snowboarders.

Bros infiltrating the kitchen

Bros infiltrating the kitchen

But enough about Bros.  Here are some great costumes from the night…

Disco Utz

Disco Utz


2 Responses to “Disco Party!!!”

  1. lol 70s parties are great for the LSD too


    i mean friendship

    unrelated but you should see this site if you have not

  2. Glad to see Jeanine had a receiving line when she arrived. But where is John Trevolta??????

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