The gang wins it big

We headed over the movies last night to see Burn after Reading.  It was okay.  But the movie theater here is in a casino, of course.  Now, I really have no interest in gambling.  But when we walk out of the theater into the casino and Amanda insisted we had to play “the ponies” and got 7 dollars in quarters to distribute to our broke asses.  The game is called Sigma Derby.  I was pleasantly surprised to find it so entertaining and not just because we were winning.  Emad then wins 87 quarters, which extended our play for awhile.  Then I hit 46 quarters. Dan wins a bunch too. We order a beer and I have 1 quarter left.  So I decided to play to the 2 to 1 odds so I can get another quarter.  Everyone else wins on the 200 to 1 odds!  That’s 200 quarters, or 50 bucks for those slow math people.  I feel like a dumb ass.  But what else was there to do but pool our winnings together and go out drinking.  I know now what to do with all my spare change!

This is not us.


One Response to “The gang wins it big”

  1. happiness is a pocket full of quarters

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