I love California!!!

First of all, here is a picture of my govenator:

Welcome to Caleeforneea

Welcome to Caleefawneea

That’s right, I listen to the law of that guy.

Second of all, I got invited by some Tahoe locals to a wine tasting in Amador County.  Now at the time I agreed, I did not know that it we were actually going to wine country to taste wine. In Maryland, wine tasting is usually in some crappy wine store. All I heard was, “free wine” and being jobless as I am, I said, “Hell yeah!”   As we drive through the beautiful scenic drive of Highway 88, I am totally stoked on drinking some real Cali wine, when I find out that Amador county is famous for ZINFANDEL, my favorite wine of all.

Delicious wine at Montevina

Delicious wine at Montevina. I'm a happy camper

3 wineries later (Young’s, Montevina, Renwood), we head onto our next destination: local swimming hole and river dividing Eldorado (where Tahoe is) and Amador Counties.  Everyone jumps in and has a jolly old time.

The final destination of the night: our sweet home where we christen the hot tub.  That’s what I’m talkinbout.

The next day we wake up, head off to breakfast at Bert’s and then over to Baldwin Beach, a mere 10 minute drive from my house, for some napping, sunning and swimming.  The sun is stronger as you get higher in elevation and Tahoe is about 6,500 above sea level.  I got hot enough on the beach that I even went swimming in the chilly, refreshing water surrounded by mountains.  There’s a bunch of pyrite (aka fool’s gold) in the sand and floating around the water so I’m not exaggerating when I say the water was glistening gold in the last of the summer sun as I swam through.

About to plunge into the sparkling water

About to plunge into the sparkling water

Ahhh, I love California.


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