Bend smells like cat piss

Funny story actually…

Emad and I walk out of our motel room and we both look at each other and go, “EW do you smell that?!”  We thought a cat had pissed near our room.  We drove the car downtown and the smell was there too.  So we’re thinking that a cat had pissed on my car.  I’m freaking out at this point because I don’t want my car to smell like one of the worst, hardest to get rid of smells.  We began to walk away and we can STILL smell it two blocks later.  I’m like okay, is it really my car, am I crazy or does Bend actually smell like cat piss everywhere?  All around town all night we keep getting whiffs of the stench.  I’m thinking it’s some kind of plant blooming in the area that actually smells like that.  Or Emad and I are crazy.  Not sure but it made our trip to Bend completely unforgettable.


Ewwww....Do you smell that?


One Response to “Bend smells like cat piss”

  1. Ali Nelson Says:

    I just spent a weekend in Bend visiting a friend, and everytime I went outside I caught a whiff of dirty ski clothes. (You knoe, that smell where things have been a little too sweaty and a little too wet for a little too long.) I don’t have a cat though so I’m not very familiar with the smell of cat pee, but I can see it being similar.

    I was beginning to think I was crazy — or pregnant — but I’m relieved to find out that I’m not the only one to visit Bend and think it smells funny.

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