Butts everywhere

Well, Buttes actually.  In the Cascade Mountain Range, most of the mountains were formed by volcanic activity and many are called Buttes.  But I think it’s funnier to call the buttes butts.  Anyway, here I am at Lava Butt….e, outside of Bend, OR.  The natural stuff around the town is super close and is just breath taking.   We walked through the lava field and drove to the top of lava butt.  We also visited a lava cave.  I learned something new.  Apparently when lava flows it creates pipelines where the outside cools but the inside flows through and eventually empties.  That’s what Emad and I were hiking through.  It was amazing.  The acoustics were somewhat like a cathedral because of the high ceilings.  Emad and I sang renditions of Swing Low, Sweet Chariot and it sounded just like we were at church.

Lava Butt in the background

Lava Butt in the background


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