Here’s the Truth people

I made it to Tahoe!!!   I am here.  My place is SWEEEET (hope you come to visit).  I am currently looking for a job which is depressing.  I definitely enjoyed my job as an unemployed slacker.  Just the thought of getting back into the grind is horrifying me.  What’s even worse is apparently NO ONE is hiring at the moment because after labor day is the “slow season” until it picks up again once it snows.  I can’t even get a job at McDonald’s.  I guess I will just have to keep on looking.  In the meantime, I still have a ton of pictures of my trip to share with you, since the last legs of my trip were mostly spent in the woods, where there apparantly is a shortage of internet.  I’m still looking on the bright side of things, of course.  I’m sitting here in the Tahoe library right now starting out onto Lake Tahoe.  And I didn’t go to work today.  Sweet.

The Big Lebowski: Are you employed, sir?
The Dude: Employed?
The Big Lebowski: You don’t go out looking for a job dressed like that? On a weekday?
The Dude: Is this a… what day is this?
The Big Lebowski: Well, I do work sir, so if you don’t mind…
The Dude: I do mind, the Dude minds. This will not stand, ya know, this aggression will not stand, man.


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