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I love California…again

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So yesterday I was taken to the Tudor Pub for a triple snowboarding video premiere.  Sweet!  To top it off, there was a skate ramp, which brought my back to my days of skaterboy watcher in Love Park and Ivyland Skate Park.  And apparently, I still love the activity.  I watched for like 3 hours until the movie came on.   At one point, the giant blow up screen started deflating in the middle of the movie and the crowd started booing and throwing beer cans.  But it was quickly fixed and the movie was back on.  Fortunately due to my food poisoning, I could either eat nor drink so it was a super cheap, super fun night.


Tahoe’s Slogan

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This slogan is everywhere.  Even local band Ninja Slaughterhouse has a song about it.

Half full

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After battling a bout of food poisoning yesterday, at least I can be happy that I have Cali plates.

The name of my state is in yours?

The name of my state is in yours?

Saint Cupcake Rocks!

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Prayer to Saint Cupcake:

Oh Saint Cupcake, you bring us joy and love through a variety of batters and frostings.  For that we praise you.  Please give us milk to enjoy on the side.  Amen.

I wish I had that in front of me again

I wish I had that in front of me again

Highly recommended for anyone visiting Portland.  Check out their website here.

So true

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Fedoras are back big in Tahoe!

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I went out to Whiskey Dick’s last week and saw that bartender was wearing a fedora.

The bartender

The bartender

Then I noticed another guy wearing one!  I thought, “Hey!  He’s copying off the bartender’s original style.”  So I took a picture of him too.  The best part of this picture is I acted like I was taking a picture of Emad and the guy thought he was ruining my picture.  HAHAHA he made this picture SO much better.

So then a band started to play.  And I noticed that the bassist was also wearing… you guessed it.

As the night progressed, and Emad grew drunker, we spotted another one at the bar!

Now I certainly don’t have anything bad to say about fedoras.  Some of the most famous and influential people wear fedoras: Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman, Dick Tracy, Frank Sinatra, Indiana Jones.

However, four fedoras in one bar in one night, I have to question…is it just a fluke snowboarding culture trend or an unconscious tribute to Britney?

This made me smile today

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It’s been a day of ups and downs.  When I saw this, it made me happy.

Check out some other PES films.  They’re awesome.  Especially the roof sex and video game one.