My little brother is leaving for Japan. Sad face.

He’s going to have an awesome time and be one of the few people there with blue eyes.  I’ll miss him like crazy but I know it’s going to be a life changing experience.  Don’t take one minute for granted, Steve, it’ll be over before you know it! [thinking about how I’ll have to start looking for a job next week. bleh.]

I love you, Steven!

My big little bro

My big little bro (Redwood Forest 2006)

Be prepared for plenty of this!!!!


4 Responses to “My little brother is leaving for Japan. Sad face.”

  1. I gave Steve a pen that says Idaho before he left, so whenever he gets homesick he can just look at the pen and remember his childhood in the potato fields.

    Also, it crossed my mind that Rumer Willis may work at that glory hole center?

  2. Your brother stated that his apartment in Japan is very,very small but livable. He will be sending us pictures soon. He’s such a tourist.

  3. That video is WEIRD….and scary.

  4. that video is like explosive pink crack. i strangely cannot look away.

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