Made it to Lake Tahoe! (and then left)

So basically for those who may be confused and think that I am in Lake Tahoe right now, I’m not.  I’m homeless.  I’m serious.  I have no permanent address and my feet cannot be scrubbed clean still, even after some major pumicing.  I got a sick house in Tahoe waiting for me…. that I can’t move into until September 1st.  However, I did make it there and saw just how awesome the town is, even met some locals that had relocated there from Philly.  So when I get back to Tahoe and am unhomeless on September 1st, I already have FRIENDS!  Alright!

So thrilled to see this sign

So thrilled to see this sign




One Response to “Made it to Lake Tahoe! (and then left)”

  1. I am so excited for you and te amazing trip you are taking….jealous even. You are brave to pack up and move somewhere amazing. I am not that brave.

    They made mention of 3rd grade today in our data chat. I thought you would like to know how well you have done with the kids. They rocked the msa…….as well as they could. I know you would be so proud and I am sorry you missed the good news. I automatically thought of you when they mentioned how well they did=)

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