Can’t wait to go to Portland!

I’ll be in Portland sometime on Tuesday and I can’t wait!  I absolutely love Portland.  From it’s delicious random food to the wonderful Stumptown coffee to the laid back attitude, it’s just a great place.  Plus, hanging out with my brother Mark and his girlfriend Alia is always a spectatular time.  And a bonus, my college snowboarding buddy is living there right now…Nick Skate or Die!  It’s going to be a great time.

Whipmaster Alia 2004

Whipmaster 2004

Welcome to the Capri

Welcome to the Capri

Nick. Nuff said.

Nick. Nuff said.


2 Responses to “Can’t wait to go to Portland!”

  1. Long live the Whipmaster!! I am not sure if Mark mentioned, but if you are up to it there maybe a trip to Stevenson in the works for Saturday… It is my little slice of heaven a short ride out of Ptown.

    I know I have said this a zilllion times already – I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE YOU!!!!

  2. The beer will be flowing in the street of Portland soon

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