Next stop: L.A. area

So Emad, Jeanine (no not me there’s another one who will be living with us) and I got a place in Tahoe!!  And that leads Emad and I to be homeless for another month because our lease doesn’t start until September 1st.  So it looks like we will be having extended unemployed/travel time.  We have some friends and family to visit in the L.A. area that I’m so so excited to see.

I visited Vadim last night and we totally wiled out at Nickel! Nickel!, a nickel arcade in Huntington Beach. Nickel arcades have to be the best invention ever.  Way more entertaining than putting nickels into a slot machine and at least this time I won tickets that lead to candy, fingertraps, bouncy balls AND a whoopee cushion.  Far superior to Vegas.

I was so happy to see Vadim and meet his dog, Carl Weathers.  There are just some people in your life that can go for without seeing them for years and just pick up right where you left off.  Vadim’s one of those people to me.

Carl Weathers

Carl Weathers

Now I’m going to go eat my Kit Kat that I won at the arcade.


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