This one is for Marina (and everyone else)

Thanks for checking my website everyday, Marina.  I’m sorry I never emailed this picture to you.  Anna, Steve and Brent, thanks for your multiple comments!!

To everyone else, thanks for checking out my page!  And thanks to all of the people who leave me comments!  That way I know that people are actually checking out my page and I’m not wasting my time finding wifi!

We clean up nicely

We clean up nicely

I could watch this a million times.   Thanks, Marina!


6 Responses to “This one is for Marina (and everyone else)”

  1. Manrina Says:

    Thanks naynay. Hey, where did you buy that male nurse action figure? A male nurse I know wants one badly! I love sneezing pandas!

  2. Janaycore Says:

    Bought it new hope at Love Saves the Day. you’d prolly be able to buy it on the internet too. Sneezing pandas rule!!

  3. Amypotch Says:

    Um, this video is amazing.

  4. Manrina Says:

    It’s 0430 on Thursday morning. I’m at work and just spent the last half hour showing people this video. We’ve been watching it over and over and cracking up until tears well up in our eyes. Fucking hilarious!

  5. Ann Banan Says:

    Holy crap thats funny…..HA!

  6. Ann Banan Says:

    Def for watching over and over… you were right!

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