Survivor: Australia

So I don’t know what it is with all these Australian travelers we keep hanging out with.  But I do know one thing…Australians are awesome to hang out with.  We started our night out with 5 Australians and our token Irishman.

As we walked down Bourbon Street, we worked hard to keep our 8 man group together.

Irish, Tom, Keigo, Rio

Irish, Tom, Keigo, Rio

It's more than OK.  It's fabulous!

It's more than OK. It's fabulous!

Then two Australian guys, Rio and Keigo (seriously that were their names), and our token Irishman found drunk American girls to talk to.  We stood around a little while until a guy started projectile puking on the street.  American girls were not enough of an incentive for us to stay there. Then, there were 5.

The three remaining Aussies

The three remaining Aussies

As the 5 of us walked on, we decided to head over to Frenchmen to find some live jazz and/or blues.  We found a bar spinning Reggae and Hip Hop.  Not exactly what we were expecting but it worked.  I heard this amazing song in the bar that I could not help but move to and I asked someone what it was.  I found out it was Lil Wayne.  So good, I’ve included the video.

So while we were being booty shakers at the mercy of the DJ,  Tom and Briney decided they were going to go home.  We said our goodbyes and continued to shake our booties.  When DJ Real started to scratch the tracks very, um, badly.  We continued on our quest for jazz and/or blues.

We found a little spot which was rocking out, called the Apple Barrel.  Sitting at the bar with our beers (me with my water) we finally realized that KATIE was the winner of SURVIVOR: AUSTRALIA!  She was the champion, last standing person still out at 3 AM with us.  So congrats to Katie!  You are the extreme aussie!


Congrats to KATIE (on left) for winning SURVIVOR: AUSTRALIA!


One Response to “Survivor: Australia”

  1. Ann Banan Says:

    I told you Lil Wayne was the shit!

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