New Orleans…Home of Disaster!

Okay so everyone knows about Katrina.  That was awful enough.  There are TONS of abandoned buildings here and we haven’t visited the hardest hit part yet.  One of the abandoned building was the City Hall Annex on Canal Street.  Another one is this beautiful church across the street from our hostel.

Totally abandoned.

Totally abandoned.

Now this oil spill is looking pretty ugly.  I took some pictures today of it so you can have a firsthand look.

It smelled horrible, like I was going to get cancer just inhaling the air by the shoreline.  They put these pompom looking things into the water on strings, then a team of guys just go behind them and pick them up when they soak up the oil and put them into trashbags. What a waste.  There was nothing good about that happening to New Orleans. No ships can go up the river all the way to Natchez and the whole clean up is taking way longer than expected.  They don’t know when it will reopen.  And the poor fish and birds. It’s crazy.
To end on a good flavor, Emad and I went to Bourbon street last night and got some crazy drinks.  It’s always fun when you realize you can take your drink on the street.  Oh the novelty!  Side note: Emad decided that he thinks my blog is cool now since everyone else is reading it besides him so he told me he wanted to be in it.  I decided to let him.

Look!  It's a frat party! I mean Bourbon Street!

Look! It's a frat party! I mean Bourbon Street!

And today we rode around in the HOT HOT HOT weather.  We saw the whole French Quarter on bike.  Brilliant!


One Response to “New Orleans…Home of Disaster!”

  1. mark palumbo Says:

    when i was on bourbon st back in the day i hung out with people from “shrimp on the barbie” country too!! they are troopers. although one of them became way too wasted and the men around became vultures. i decided to help her back to the hostel. on the street car she puked on my arm. there there, there there…


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