Tennesse, Alabama, Mississippi

Today was a day of driving, driving and more driving. Still haven’t reached the Mississippi River.Staying in Jackson tonight.

A spot of unfortunate news: A big oil spill in the Mississippi River has made the coast guard say no boats allowed. Therefore, no steamboat on the Mighty River for Janene 😦 And the river needs some serious cleanup. It’ll be interesting to see it tomorrow in Natchez

The Natchez-Trace Parkway felt like I was driving in a car commercial. I accidentally napped at a scary place. I mean I took a nap on purpose but didn’t realize until after taking a nap that it was a gathering place for witches.

We stopped on the way to Jackson to check out the Casey Jones Museum to get a picture for our lovely friend, Casey Jones. We could not find a museum in the town (we tried, Casey!) but we did find Jones Furniture, which I assume might have used to be the museum. Other interesting sights in Pickens, Mississippi:

There was mangy dog roaming the town carrying a plastic grocery bag in its mouth. We crossed its path 3 times before almost hitting it on the way out of town.

I've heard of bag ladies before but this is ridiculous!  (sorry so blurry)

I've heard of bag ladies before but this is ridiculous! (sorry so blurry)

A house that was obviously the plantation big house of Pickens back in the day

A Piggly Wiggly



Oh and we ate at Sonic! It’s a drive IN not a drive THROUGH. Everyone gets their own little area with their own speaker and they bring out the food. Once in a lifetime eating there is definitely enough.

Hi, I'd like to order your crappy food.

Hi, I'd like to order your crappy food.


3 Responses to “Tennesse, Alabama, Mississippi”

  1. I LOVE YOUR BLOG! 🙂 …. sorry to hear about the likely foiling of your plans to take a boat ride on the m-i-s-s-i-s-s-i-p-p-i.

  2. hey i watched only the strong….oh man.

    ps. J Cash rules

  3. janaycore Says:

    Brent you said “I pp” HAHAHA

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