Countdown to Departure

My boyfriend, who will remain nameless upon his request, hates countdowns. That’s right. He hates New Years. Me on the other hand, I count down EVERYTHING. Days to my birthday, days to the last day of school, hours till dinner, minutes since my last pizza etc.

Even though the title of this post is “Countdown to Departure,” it should be called “Countdown to Janene Officially Claiming her VW Golf as her Primary Residence.” I still haven’t found a place in Tahoe to call home. I’m a little nervous because if I arrive in Tahoe with nowhere to live, I might be forced to live with Doug. Which on second thought, is significantly better than being homeless. Though it is still not better than a bed that I can call my own.

Sigh: The woes of living a dream.

Oh yeah,
COUNTDOWN: 5 days 8 hours to 5 AM departure to Great Smoky Mountains, TN


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